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高举图书馆2.0的伟大旗帜 jin34.gif (限高3.5米);
紧密围绕在以librarian2.0为中心的图中央 r52_a.gif(保持距离);
为全面实现图书馆2.0而奋勇前进 j1_2.jpg (限速50公里)。


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火狐狸的新玩具:Piggy Bank- –


Wizz RSS 是一个博客浏览器。看天下用了一阵总会有一些问题,而且同时要用浏览器,感到不方便,这个Wizz作为一个SideBar放在浏览器边上,用起来方便多了,只是功能还不多,比如没有更新通知等等。
Piggy Bank是一个很厉害的东东,可以看成是通用的语义万维网的浏览器(哈哈,终于有了),以前只有一些专用的,例如FOAF浏览器等。知识目前语义网应用的实用系统还不多,但是试了项目(提供的的一个应用,感觉非常不错:。这是个查询计算机研究论文全文的网站,Piggy Bank支持元数据下载存储、全文链接以及加注释的功能。非常好!!!




Browsing the Semantic Web with Piggy-Bank
Piggy-Bank is a new extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser that allows you to easily browse the semantic data linked to from regular web pages. I've seen some other projects along these lines, but they tend to be focused on a particular flavor of RDF data (such as Joel's FOAFer extension, or Christopher Schmidt's DOAP Viewer extension ).

I'm still not quite sure how Piggy-Bank works, but at the least it's scraping web pages for any embedded links that have well-recognized types in the Semantic Web, such as “application/rss+xml” (for RSS feeds) and “application/xml+rdf”. It then follows those links and parses out the “information tidbits” from those sources, and presents that information to you in a sidebar. Piggy-Bank attempts to categorize the tidbits into high-level categories, such as “News” for RSS Channel and Item resources, or “Contacts” for FOAF's “Person” resources. You can save the tidbits of interest in a local database (“My Piggy Bank”) and search through them later; Piggy-Bank remembers the original source of the data and allows you to annotate them with comments as you desire.

In response to the question, “Why was [Piggy-Bank] built?” the developers offer the simple answer:

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